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Dear. Valuable Customer,

Confidence, Originality and Challenge.
FOUR SEASONS advocates the three virtues above as its corporate philosophies.

We have been playing a very important role in the button and trim field over 30years since its foundation in 1990.
We created a new design and developed new samples every quarter of  a year and manufacture over 500 different types of buttons and trims.

We have been used to focus through our products extensively in men’s, women’s and children’s garment. We treat as Trims are not just an accessory, it is complete of fashion. We invest heavily in specialized trim designer and set up the various equipment in order to keep our faith that trims bring to a perfection of fashion. We do our best to satisfy customer’s demands from all around the world.

In addition, we has great  network system between Korea, Vietnam and China, also its our all network has been updated every quarter of a year with newly designed and developed products.

Customer confidence, product originality and challenge  is our first priority.
We will step forward to become the leader in trim industry as we have gone through. Take our good service. 

Four Seasons

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